Fennec Watch One
A Timepiece Designed for Tweens

The Fennec Watch One is a watch that goes beyond just telling time; equipped with an advanced set of features, it's far more versatile than a traditional watch.
Connect and share, with Fennec Watch One.

A "grown-up" feel for kids

Unlike other smartwatches for kids, the Fennec Watch One offers the aesthetics of an adult smartwatch. A metal bezel and sleek curves give it a distinctive, fresh look, and our designs allow kids to express themselves and grow with the watch.

Sweatproof watch strap

The watch strap is made of a soft silicone material that is durable, sweatproof, and comfortable to wear even during the warm conditions.

Curated watch faces for tweens

We have curated a series of watch faces that have a variety of fresh looks, with more planned.

Shadow Fox

Oreo Panda

Mia Cat

Penny the Wizard

Cleared to Land


Drone 450I

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Zone 6

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Zone 7

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Drone 450I

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Zone 6

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Zone 7

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Autumn Town

Mountain River

Color splash 1

Color splash 2

Color splash 3

Color splash 4

Girl with Dolphin

Girl with Fox


Stay connected, reduce screen time

You need a way to connect with your kids, and they need a way to connect with the world. Smartphones are powerful, but they can offer an undesirable form of distraction.
The Fennec Watch One comes preloaded with a phone, camera, and instant messenger app, providing the essentials of a smartphone. Since it's made to stay on the wrist, you don't have to worry about your kids misplacing it.
If your kids already use smartphones, they can use them for entertainment when you're around, and use Fennec Watch One to stay connected when away from home.
Reduce screen time, stay connected.

Compared to a Smartphone

With Fennec watch, you have following benefits compared to a smartphone:

Less screen time

Controlled gaming time.

Less distraction and no inappropriate content

No Youtube & Instagram.

Less chance of a missed call.

The watch is on the wrist, not in the backpack.

Less likely to be lost or stolen.

The watch stays on the wrist.

The freedom of independence

You can reach your child through phone and instant messaging features, and location tracking gives you peace of mind. Fennec Watch One gives your kid the freedom to be independent while keeping you connected.


Sharing can be fun and safe

Fennec Messenger is an instant messaging app that's fun and safe for family and friends. With Fennec Messenger, strangers can't contact your child without your approval. It's available for Apple and Android phones, as well as Fennec Watch. Children not yet ready for a smartphone can still enjoy sharing their lives, instantly!

Learn more about Fennec Messenger

Stay in touch with phone calls

The Fennec Watch One has a SIM card slot as well as a built-in speaker. You can make or take calls right on the watch itself.

You and your child can edit the watch's contact list from a smartphone.

To protect younger children, parents can set up a "safe contact list" and restrict contact to people that are on the list.

Find your watch in an emergency

Location tracking helps you locate your child's Fennec Watch in an emergency, and you can temporarily grant location tracking permission to a trusted caregiver during times you specify, giving you peace of mind when you are away.

Never miss an important event

You can set up event reminders to ensure your child never misses an important event. When an event is due, the watch will send an alert and/or vibrate.

Your child can also set their own reminders on the watch itself.

With event reminders, your child learns to take on responsibilities, fostering independence and self-esteem.


Capture every moment

The Fennec Watch One has a pivoting camera that allows kids to take selfies or capture moments around them. Fennec Messenger provides a safe network where kids can share photos with family and friends instantly. Capture and share every moment.


Music on the go

Users can connect a Bluetooth headset to enjoy music on the go, wirelessly. Songs can be synced seamlessly with a PC.

Utility apps and interface design

Colorful interfaces designed for kids

We've made the user interface both intuitive and visually pleasing for kids of all ages.

Useful utility apps

The Fennec Watch One comes equipped with many useful utility apps.





Record audio


Flexible management options

Usage control

Control the distractions of text, calls, and games. Simply turn on Time Restriction. The phone calling, instant messaging and gaming features on the watch will be disabled during configured times.

Easy management

Watch settings are integrated in Fennec Messenger on the smartphone. You can talk to your child and mange the watch in the same app. Hassle free.

You may invite your partner or close family members to manage the watch and the child account together.

If your child has a smartphone, he can manage his own watch from the Fennec Messenger on the smartphone.

"With messaging and video/phone calling features, this smartwatch helped my daughter gain greater independence while building a sense of safety and security for me."

Brian Meehan

Technician and educator

"My friends think Fennec Watch is really cool. They like how it looks and they like the watch faces. All of them are asking me where to get one. It makes time fun. And it's definitely better than a normal watch."

Elena Meehan

10 years old

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46 x 56 x 17 mm




1.39" full circular AMOLED 400 x 400 pixels



Standby time

With SIM inserted / using mobile data: ~36 hours

With SIM inserted / using Wi-Fi: ~36 hours

Screen on: 5 hours

Listening to music with a Bluetooth headset: 5 hours

*Above are subject to change depending on different settings and locations


WCDMA 850 / 1900 / 2100

Wi-Fi 802.11n

Bluetooth 4.0


Nano SIM

Compatible with 4G/3G/2G SIM


380 mAh


RAM: 512MB

Storage: 4GB


MT6580 quad core

Built-in GPS and G-sensor



Questions & Answers

Display: 40mm (1.39")
Diameter of the watch: 46mm (1.8")
Wrist size: 13cm (5.1") to 19cm (7.5")

With SIM inserted/using mobile data: ~30 hours
With SIM inserted/using Wi-Fi: ~30 hours
Listening to music with a Bluetooth headset: ~3 hours
*Disclaimer: Standby times will vary depending on different settings and location

It does not need to pair to a phone to work. The Fennec Watch has a SIM card slot.

If you are in the United States, you can acquire a 4G SIM card from AT&T or T-Mobile. For other countries, the watch supports GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and WCDMA (850/2100 MHz or 850/1900 MHz). Check with your carrier to see if they support those frequencies and if you have coverage in your area.

The watch works with AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Viaero, MetroPCS, Red Pocket, Mint, and Ultra

Straight Talk/Tracfone: please choose AT&T or T-Mobile networks when you get a SIM card from Straight Talk/Tracfone.

The watch does not work with Verizon, Sprint, Boost, US Cellular, Xfinity

Note that we are not affiliated with carriers in the U.S. While you activate a new SIM card for the watch, some carriers would ask you to input the IMEI number of your Fennec Watch so they can check compatibility with their networks. If you see a message saying "Non-compatible" or "Unknown device", just choose the option "Continue with activation" or any options similar to this. Fennec Watch should be able to connect to the network after the activation.

Please subscribe to a PHONE PLAN with talk, text, and data instead of a smartwatch or hotspot plan, which are not compatible with Fennec Watch.

If you are concerned about the cost, we recommend Red Pocket. It allows you to start with $10 per month. It will require you to enter their APN information on the watch while you activate the SIM card, which is a bit trivial. But overall it is good and cost-effective.

The watch battery drains fast when the cell signal is poor. Please choose a carrier that has good coverage in your area.

We don't offer cellular service. If you live in the United States, please get a service plan from AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, or other GSM providers. You may choose a monthly plan, or a prepaid plan, which may be more flexible if your child did not have a phone before.

Though a Fennec Watch can connect through either Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, we don't offer cellular service. Fennec Watch is compatible with 4G/3G/2G nano SIM cards, so you can get a monthly or prepaid service plan through the cellular service provider of your choice, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, or another GSM service provider.

It depends on your needs. Without a cellular service plan, the watch can still connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but some capabilities of the watch may be limited. If you do not need the watch to be always online, you may not need a service plan. The watch battery lasts longer with mobile data disabled.

  Phone SMS (read-only) Instant messaging Video calling Manage the watch from parents'/child's smartphones Locate the watch from parents' smartphones

Service plan + data plan

Service plan (no data plan) * * * *
No service plan (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)     * * *  

* When Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is available

Yes, and you can do it from your smartphone through the Fennec Messenger app.

It has a pedometer app, but does not track sleep or heart rate. We decided to focus more on building a safe social networking and communication experience.

It's splash resistant. Please do not rinse it in the water.

To ensure good user experience, typing on the watch is not supported for instant messaging. The watch allows you to record voice messages when chatting, and we think it's more intuitive, especially for kids. An onscreen keyboard is supported for some apps such as the phonebook and changing Wi-Fi settings. Most settings that need typing can be done from a smartphone used to manage the watch.

The watch has a built-in speaker. You can also connect the watch to a Bluetooth headset.

The watch supports mp3 files.

Because the Fennec Watch is designed to be a safe smart device for kids, third party apps are currently not supported to ensure a safe and controlled environment.

Fennec Watch One can receive and forward SMS messages. We encourage you to use Fennec Messenger, which supports a richer format of texting and voice messaging.